For This week’s Saint Paul Trainer Tip: Watch the Sticky Notes For Sticky Goals Video or Read Below to Find Out How to Make Your Goals STTTTICKY!

Got big-time goals but have trouble staying motivated? Maybe you started that diet or took your friend up on doing those fitness DVDs but just can’t make it stick?

One of my favorite ways to keep members of the Dungeon Family on point and on track towards their goals is to keep them visible in some capacity as much as humanly possible.

We tell them to write ’em down and put them everywhere–and it works! … when they actually do it…

We get it.

Writing down “Drop 50 pounds” and sticking it on your dashboard can be a little embarrassing if you have a work colleague riding in the car with you, or written on that #dungeonstrong wristband when you’re in the checkout line. For whatever reason, maybe you just like to keep your goals, whatever they may be, more private.

Enter the sticky trick!

STEP 1: Just write down your (in this case, physical/weight loss/athletic) goals on a bright colored post-it note and stick it in something you’ll keep with you all the time like a purse or wallet.

STEP 2: Cut out some mini-squares of the same colored post-it note and put ’em in as many places as you can. Make sure they’re in places you know you’ll see and see often.

STEP 3: Kick some booty! You now have small, inconspicuous (at least to others) reminders of your goals all over your house and you’re THAT much more likely to be successful at whatever it you’re trying to accomplish.

Before I let y’all go, I’ve gotta give credit where credit is due. This is another great tip I learned from Uncle Pauly Reddick in a “business-y” setting that we used to anchor us to certain habits/thoughts we wanted to practice every day–so be creative with your ideas for this!

Let it remind ya to say something awesome to your wife or kids every time you see it, or use them as a reminder to read something positive (like this) at the start of every day, but USE ‘EM!

Unapologetically dedicated to your MASSIVE success,
G.R. @ the Dungeon

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