We help non-fitness people fall in love with fitness

Whether you’re a complete workout rookie or a mom with superhuman strength and a desire to compete – we’ll help you find the superpowers you never knew you had, at the most supportive place in Minnesota… Oh, and you’ll have an absolute blast doing it! 

you’re the hero of your own story. Here’s your quest.

Don’t sweat it! No workouts, no “assessments” designed to make you feel terrible about yourself, no judgy trainers, and no psycho high-pressure used-car sales games. Just an honest conversation about where you are, where you want to be, and your personal coach will point you in the right direction (whether we ever do business together or not). 

If we both feel super awesome that we’re the best fit (ever!) to work together – you can try us out! All of our programs come with a [minimum] of a 30-day “give it an honest shot” money-back guarantee. You’ll get to test drive the most fun, friendly, welcoming fitness family ever, and if you end up hating us – totally cool! You get your money back! But… if you end up loving us and wanting to stick around…

So now you’ve found a fitness family you actually enjoy spending time with… you show up consistently and (GASP!) actually LOOK FORWARD to showing up (and might even miss us when you don’t)… Next thing you know a few months have gone by and your clothes are fitting differently (like…
way different). You’re carrying more groceries in one trip. You might even catch yourself flexing in the mirror every once in awhile… Your kids accuse you of having superpowers… You’re happier, have more energy, and that old brain fog is gone because you’re working out consistently… Your friends (and your Doc) are asking what the heck you’re doing to look so darn awesome… and you can tell ’em you joined this crazy little gym family in Maplewood, and the cycle continues as your friend gets to enjoy the same transformation you have!

what your neighbors say about us

“DSC is more than a gym; it’s like being part of a family. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable and everyone is so supportive. We push and motivate each other in a fun and engaging environment. I highly recommend giving DCS a shot. You won’t be disappointed.”
Nicollete Shegstad [Google]


The trainers are so helpful and knowledgeable. And the clients are very friendly and welcoming.
Such a good workout for all levels in your fitness journey.”
Chris Tonda [Facebook]

My health, and my life, are better because of DSC. Working out is now a habit and it’s because the focus is on feeling good and getting stronger. DSC is the only gym I’ve ever stuck with. Love this place.
Jamie Becker-Finn [Facebook]

“I love this place!!! It’s the people that get me to come back each and every time!”
Kristin DeGrande [Facebook]
This is not a flashy, high-tech gym. Which is why I feel more comfortable here than I have at any other gym in the cities. The college athlete in me wants to use the basics- body weight, free weights, and plyometrics/isometrics– and DSC delivers. The workouts are fast-paced, go by quickly, and really push you. It helps that the music is good, the trainers seem to really love working there, and everyone acts like they’re happy to be there with you. Those little differences are what makes a good gym, a really great gym. DSC is a great place to workout, get stronger, and have a good time doing it. Do yourself a big favor and check it out!
Elizabeth Hiatt [Facebook]

Your New Fitness family

You’ve got things you want to accomplish. You don’t want to feel judged. You don’t want to feel stupid. And dang it you want to do cool stuff but don’t want to get injured or coached by a TV. The Dungeon is a family. You’re gonna love it here!

Find Your New Gym Family

A New You Could Be Just a Quick Conversation away 

"It's more than a gym, it's the place I fell in love with fitness and got my life back. If you're thinking about jumping in with these crazy folks - stop thinking and do it! It'll be the best decision you've ever made (and you wouldn't believe me if I told you how much you'll have). 

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