Twin Cities Weight Loss For Men Success Story: JD Drops BIG lbs., Gains Strength and Muscle, and Has a Blast Doing it!

saint paul weight loss for men transformation JD
JD, a busy filmaker who drives over 45 minutes both ways to DSC three times per week, drops over 15 pounds, gains strength, endurance, and awesomeness (plus an AMAZING before and after). He shares his story below 🙂 Holy weight loss & awesome gain, Batman!

saint paul fat loss for men JDs success story dungeon strength and conditioningJD was interviewed earlier on in the process and his experience is detailed below–check it out or listen to the audio below!

Tips to take away from JD’s weight loss success:
-Just focus on winning ONE meal at first (for JD it was lunch) instead of just trying to go cold turkey right away–this will make you infinitely more successful in the long run!
-Find something you enjoy doing and have fun with it
-Stay consistent and take action!