Need to get your fat loss back on track and under YOUR control?

Maybe the latest fad diet or food program isn’t the answer… In fact, odds are pretty good you’ve been exposed to information that will, at the very least, improve your fat loss situation… i.e. you likely already know (at least to SOME extent) what TO do…. so the problem isn’t whether or not you HAVE the knowledge, it’s whether or not you ACT on said knowledge!

So if you’re one of the millions of people every year that quits a diet or nutrition plan, throwing your hands up in defeat from counting points, calories macros, calories, grams of this or grams of that… you’re not alone.

Instead of trying to make sure EVERYTHING you do is perfect, or that you’re getting the EXACT amounts of each and every this that or the other–try limiting yourself to one or two rules that you’ll be able to execute on IMMEDIATELY (like right now) and start making progress.

How about this for 2 great ones:

1) Don’t eat ANYTHING out of a box for the next week.
2) Set a reminder on your computer for every hour on the hour for the next week (this’ll take 2 minutes) and drink a glass of water every time that reminder goes off.

For 90% of you, you’ll see great initial progress with nothing more than those two tips–you’ll (1), decrease the number of processed foods and nasty carby stuff you’re eating, and (2) actually give your body a chance to succeed by getting and staying properly hydrated throughout the day.

It’s not sexy, it’s not complicated, and literally ANYONE can implement this tomorrow.

Complexity is the enemy of execution. Let’s do this!

Unapologetically dedicated to your MASSIVE success,
G.R. @ the Dungeon