Most of the awesome people in our amazingly awesome fitness family came to us looking for an answer–looking for change.

99.9% of those people “get it,” take advantage of the amazingly energizingly awesome (but strangely super-welcoming) training environment, the ‘you’ll REALLY do THAT for me???’ outside-the-gym support, accountability groups, real-world nutrition coaching, and make amazing progress (YAY PROGRESS!)

BUT, not everybody’s ready for it (at least right now).

Yes, this may surprise you, but we do see people from time to time that come into our facility and are completely closed off to any change.

Despite the countless success stories, our kick-booty track record, and proof-is-in-the-pudding expertise, every once in awhile we’ll still get people (many that are 50+ pounds overweight and have had multiple health scares) that unabashedly refuse to accept the fact that they’re current lifestyle just isn’t… well… working.

Here’s a shocker: Your lifestyle is PERFECTLY designed for the results you’re currently getting  <<< TWEETY TWEET THAT!

So how are we supposed to figure this whole thing out?

(you know we’re gonna try!)

Well, in our never-ending quest to be even more awesome for you guys, the DSC familia, we decided to get a couple of our coaches one of the most highly regarded nutrition coaching certifications on the planet #likeaboss

One of the first things that stuck out to me in the initial materials I was digging through was a “Readiness for Change” questionnaire.

At the end of the questionnaire, it gives us a general idea of how “really” ready for change we are (awesome!)

Most people will fall somewhere in the middle, and that’s great! We can definitely help move ya in the right direction!

Some people are thrilled with where they’re at now, and that’s awesome, too.

BUT, if you’re NOT thrilled with where you’re at right now, and you’re not open to change at all (insert tough love) you may need to reevaluate your mindset on what you’re willing to do to change.

See you in the gym…