Super-duper-uper-useful for those of you that have trouble sleeping… STILL super useful for those of you that sleep wellish but want to sleep/perform/look/feel/be more awesomer.

Watch the sleep tip video on YouTube here:

Sleep is RIDICULOUSLY vital to literally everything we do! If you’ve been following along here for awhile, you know that hormones that have a HYOOOOOGE effect on literally every result we’re looking for in the gym–less fat, more muscle, more energy, better performance and productivity, less stress, the list goes on and on.

The bottom line here is that you could basically do everything right in the gym (ahem, like training at the best dang gym in the Twin Cities with the most awesomely supportive fitness family on the planet), eat perfectly, and STILL not get the results you want if you’re sleep game is outta whack.

It. Will. Catch. Up. To. You.


So get it right, lose more fat, get more amazin’ muscle mass, and be awesomer.

Unapologetically dedicated to your MASSIVE success,
G.R. @ DSC

Links/resources mentioned in video below…

Acupuncture mat
Semi-torturous stress reduction awesomeness for under $20 bucks… this thing is awesome!

Headspace: in the play/app store (search “Headspace”)
I use the free version (a 10 day “tour” of 10 minute sessions that you can repeat as often as you like)


Some of the best Magnesium you can get
Most magnesium products (and the stuff in your crappy over-the-counter vitamins) is completely useless to you. It just passes straight through the body–you poop it out without using it, dude! This stuff gets absorbed, used, and helps you sleep and recover like a friggin’ boss.

Another solid product that is touted as a healthy hormonal optimizer as well–if you’re deficient in zinc or magnesium it’s super-duper likely you’re testosterone levels are lower than they should be, this CAN help you fix that.

IDLife Sleep Strips
Something about these makes me feel like I get more out of less sleep on the days that I can’t get my full night’s sleep. Minty goodness, our awesome clients love these.