Roseville Weight Loss for Moms Success Story:

Jenny smiles her way to CRAZY great results in our Fit Mom’s Program for Twin Cities Mommas!

St paul Roseville Weight Loss Transformation 32 pounds in 80 days

We’re SO unbelievably proud of what Jenny has done over the course of the past 80 days–she’s been an AMAZING addition to the Dungeon Family and her enthusiasm, excitement, and giant grin have been contagious in the gym 🙂

Jenny came into our first Mom’s challenge and absolutely CRUSHED it–she worked her butt off, coming into the gym consistently, and just having crazy energy from day 1 (I still remember her jumping around after a session trying to do MORE after a pretty touuugh session–at that point I knew she was gonna be a WORKER!)

One of the biggest lessons from Jenny’s success is definitely to maintain a focus of improving your performance (little by little) in your workouts.

We believe that “aesthetics” (the way you look), follows “athletics” (the way you perform), and she definitely fits that mold.

We provide an environment where members get to see their “scores” improved day by day and week by week–whether it’s doing a set of exercises a little faster or jumping up to a bigger kettlebell, we want to provide an environment that keeps US accountable to you and your success… and it works 🙂

Jenny’s times dropped, her strength improved, and she continued to improve her nutrition… like a BOSS (as we like to say)!

She ended up in second place (by the ever-so-slightest of margins) and then decided to join the family long term AND signed up for our second Mom’s challenge a couple of weeks later.

She just kept getting better–it’s been AMAZING!

You’re probably like a lot of us that has seen progress slow down or even come to a halt when doing the wrong diets or exercise programs, but Jenny did the exact opposite–she absolutely CRUSHED the second moms challenge and basically DOUBLED her weight loss over the last 30 days!!

If that’s not inspirational, I don’t know what is 🙂

All that said, the BIGGEST lesson we can ALL take away from Jenny is that enthusiasm and ACTION (and believing in yourself and not looking back) is a one-way track to AMAZING success.

We’re so proud to have Jenny as a member of the family and can’t wait to see what she does next!

Unapologetically dedicated to your MASSIVE success,
G.R. @ the Dungeon