Meticulous Fitness Mary had a little boomshakalaka success, that’s what she had!

[Challenge: read below]

Knowing when/what to track to get awesome fitnessresults is tough.

We know we need to pay attention to SOOOOME things, but there’s way we’re paying attention to EVERY. LITTLE. THING. and sticking to it for more than, oh, maybe 27 hours.

Most of us aren’t built for that, and that’s okay!

That said, what get’s measured gets managed!
—> What get’s managed gets improved
—> What get’s improved is awesome!

So your challenge for the next two weeks is to measure ONE area of your life where there’s… ahem… room for improvement.

You could..
-track the hours of sleep you’re getting every night
-measure your food to know exactly how much you’re eating for a week
-log your daily water intake

The possibilities are endless!

Just pick ONE!!!

ONE thing <<

The “win” here is allowing yourself to ONLY have to find the energy to measure ONE aspect of your life.

Track it.

Use the data to make changes (if necessary)/just be more informed on where you’re at.

Then pick something else to track for 1-2 weeks.

You can do anything for a week! (that’s what you tell your kids about summer camp… ahem… mom & dad’s no kid vacation, right???

Unapologetically dedicated to your MASSIVE success,
G.R. @ DSC

PS: Boomer Nooner! We’ve just started offering half-hour noon and noon-30 fitness training sessions over the lunch hour on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and we’re pumped about it! (PSSSS: the feedback so far has been AWESOME!)

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