What’s happenin’ DSC Family? Unless you’re living in Arizona–you probably enjoyed yourself an extra hour of Halloween Hangover yesterday when we gained an hour on the clock from “Falling back.”

That, and a conversation with my (brilliant) wife this weekend got me thinking about time, scheduling, and how it seems like nobody I know seems to have enough of it.

Truth is, most of us will do nothing with that extra hour.

That is, unless we schedule something (preferably something awesome) to do in that extra hour.

Today’s trainer tip is simply to make appointments with yourself, regarding ANYTHING important to you, and to do it with awesomeness and consistency.

The great news for members of the DSC Family is that your “keystone habit”–training like a BOSS–is likely already being scheduled and on your calendar, which is GREAT!

BUT… how’s your meal planning going?

If you’re like me, you struggle with this. Maybe you end up ravaging the cabinets because you didn’t “have time” for your meal prep… or rather, ahem… you didn’t “set an appointment” for your meal prep!

Take the time to set appointments for the things that are most important to you–including your 567! Something in our super-fancy-complicated brains just respects a SET, documented appointment more than saying “I’ll do some meal prep later.”

So put your training sessions on your calendar, put the “daddy-daughter day” in to spend some extra time with your little girl, or set an appointment to spend some time prepping some healthy snacks for the week.

Do this, and you’ll feel like you fell back dozens of hours–more productive, more awesome, more in control of where your time goes. #likeaboss

Oh, and FYI, my all-time favorite system for managing time and setting appointments? The Puppy Notebook 🙂

Check out the video I shot a few months ago on it below:

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