Watch the video to get the full exercise and worksheet overview in detail, quickie overview of how to rock this below #likeaboss


We want to do a better job of supporting you guys through change & help you bridge the gap between maybe not so great habits, struggling through nutrition choices and changes, etc. to being able to make lasting change stick.

1: what’s your goal?
Plug in your scary-ish longer term goal here

2: what QUALITY do you need to bring to that goal?
Read from the list below out loud and choose the word that feels most awesomely powerful to YOU.

3: Daily actions that bring more [of your quality] to [your goal]:
Select 1-5 daily actions (read, bridge habits!) that move you closer to your goal. These shouldn’t be crazy cold turkey selections but realistic choices that move the ball little by little down the field to your goal.

4: Who Benefits the most:
Unpack who specifically benefits the most from you dropping 50 pounds (i.e. your 567). Write down the names of the people close to you that will be impacted by this. #warmandfuzzybutitworks

5: 567
Work through a mini-567–start with your goal then ask yourself “what’s so great about that” as many times as you can and answer with your gut and your heart, don’t think about it too much 🙂

6: Distractions
What things distract you from what we’re trying to do? Distract you from our daily actions?

7: Replacements
What are we gonna do to overcome those distractions?

Plug your quality with the number of people who benefit the most up top: i.e. consistency 3, and make the first thing out of your mouth every morning! Anchor that to our daily actions and track & celebrate your progress. Beccccaaaaause you’re awesome and we know you can do it 🙂