Last time we talked about not planning for perfection…

But what if you feel like you do need to make gigantic changes to your life?

→ Maybe you’re fed up with feeling stuck…
→ You’re tired of the whole yo-yo-ing in and out of healthy/unhealthy mode…
→ Maybe you’re just pissed off at an ex and are tired of doing things to please other people (*cough* you want to look awesome and rub it in their faces)…
→ Or, maybe, you’ve just gotten a wake-up call that scared you to death and you’ve come to grips with the fact that there’s a realistic chance that if you don’t make big changes, now, the chances of you sticking around on our little blue planet much longer aren’t that great (it’s a harsh truth, but it happens and we love to help and support the people that get there and need a way out).

If you’re in the last category (or your mad enough at this thing that you feel like this is the time… period!), it’s time to get pissed off and go after this thing like your life depends on it (because it does) come hell or high water, isn’t it?

So how do you get to a point where you’re motivated past the whole “I wanna lose weight I think maybe tone up or something” thing that leaves you doing the same thing we did last year… motivated for a couple of days (maybe weeks) but spend February through December flopping in and out of motivation, good and bad habits, all that jazz?

Good news 🙂 We’ve got an answer for it!

We call it the 567, and if you haven’t revisited this lately, it’s time to.

Here’s what we do:

  1. Set the target
  2. Unpack your 567
  3. Put it everywhere!
  4. Build your case & DECIDE

Step 1 is sort of the easy part: set your target. Set the goal.

My favorite way to figure this out is to answer this question:

“If we’re looking back on our time working together, say 12 months from now, what has to happen over that period of time for you to feel PUMPED about your progress. For you to be jumping up and down ecstatic about what you’ve achieved?”

The time period can change (one year, two years) and your answer doesn’t have to perfect. It really doesn’t even have to be realistic. This part is fleeting and is really only our starting point to help us get to what really matters.

We’ll use a super common example and say you want to lose weight, let’s say 50 pounds just for shits and gigs.

“But G.R.! That’s a weight loss goal!”

“What if it’s not realistic??!!”

“What if they don’t have 50 pounds to lose??!!”

The truth is, in this framework, it doesn’t matter. It’s just a starting point and it’s more important that it’s something that you initially get excited about than it is to be the most realistic thing in the world.

So step 1: let’s say we want to lose 50 pounds.

Step 2, we gotta do the 567.

Now, the best way to do a 567 is honestly to have someone who’s used to doing ‘em take you through it. If you want to do that with us, just click here to schedule a 10-minute call to play the little game we call the 567:

^^^current DSC/personal training members who want to reset, people we’ve never met who just want to be taken through this, or if you just want to schedule a time to try out your newest knock-knock joke, feel free to click and schedule.

So let’s say you didn’t just click to schedule the call… Which you should 😉 but let’s say you didn’t… mark a sheet of paper with numbers 1-7 like this (or watch the video below to be ‘talked’ through it:

Click here to schedule a 567 call

We’ll fill in #1 with whatever your “looking back on our time together” answer is. In this case drop 50 pounds:

  1. Drop 50 pounds

Then we’re gonna have you ask and answer the same question all the way down the line until you get to 7. ***NOTE: there’s totally some art to this, so if you’re getting stuck, it’s normal–just reach out to us!

Basically, we don’t want you to hold anything back, answer with the first word or two that pops into your mind with each question.

So we’re gonna ask ourselves: “What’s so great about ______?” 7 times in a row.

i.e. in our example (and something we hear a ton of):

1: “Drop 50 pounds”

What’s so great about dropping 50 pounds?

2: “My clothes fit better!”

What’s so great about your clothes fitting better?

3: “I’ll feel better about the way I look!”

What’s so great about feeling better about the way you look?

4: “I’ll be more confident!”


Now, typically those first four are super easy. They’re kind of the surface level things.

So if you’re able to answer “What’s so great about being more confident?” really easily, great! Keep going!

If you get stuck, try asking yourself “who benefits the most from you being more confident? (or whatever your last answer was, capeesh?”

One of my favorite examples the full 567 had this exact same 1-4. When I asked her “what’s so great about being more confident?” this mom said “Tickle fights!”

I don’t typically get stuck with these things, I’ve had 50+ year old women tell me, “have more sex!” (I love this job, ha) but tickle fight got me… “Go on…”

“Well I feel super weird about my tummy and so when my kids (she had like a 6 and an 8-year-old) want to play tickle fight I want to be able to play with my kids and not feel weird about it.”

How awesome is that? I mean first off I don’t care if you’re 1000 pounds overweight, I hate the idea that you don’t feel comfortable playing with your kids…. that breaks my heart, but it’s a totally powerful motivator, right?

“I love it! What’s so great about being able to play with your kids?”

“I’ll be a better example for my daughter.”

“Perfect, what’s so great about being a better example for your daughter?”

“Because then hopefully she won’t have to go through the same weight issues I have!”

Are you seeing how this stuff might just be a little more powerful than “I want to tone up a little bit…?”

Let’s recap it:

  1. Drop 50 pounds
  2. Clothes fit better
  3. Feel better about the way I look
  4. More confident


  1. Tickle fight
  2. So I can be a better example to my daughter
  3. So she won’t have to go through the same weight issues I have!”

PS: want bonus points? Keep going! What’s so great about your daughter not having to go through the same weight issues you have?… see how powerful this stuff can get? Aren’t ya just a liiiiiittle fired up yet??? Don’t you feel like you want to help this woman win?

So her 567, the 567 in this example, the real ‘why’ behind the reason she was sitting down with me (and what will be the real ‘why’ for whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish) is 5. “Tickle fight” 6. “Example for my daughter” 7. “So she won’t have to go through the same issues I have”

The next step? PUT YOUR 567 EVERYWHERE! Get your 567 wristband, write 567 everywhere you can. Tape it on your fridge, put it on your wallet, write it in lipstick on your bathroom mirror, make it the background of your phone. Make your 567 completely impossible to escape.

Your new, powerful-as-heck why does nothing if you forget about it in a few days.

Do that, and we’ll take care of the next steps in the next post 🙂

Love, hugs, and awesomeness,

-Team DSC

PS: want us to take you through this over a quick 10-minute phone call? Need to revisit your 567 or having trouble with it? Just schedule a time here, no cost, no sales pitch, just want to see you win this year!