In addition to our sport-specific athletic performance training programs, Dungeon Strength & Conditioning offers results-driven training programs for Twin Cities adults that are tired of the “same old” training programs, poorly coached cookie cutter classes at big box gyms, or the latest gimmicky infomercial DVD and gadget fads. If you’re tired of the frustration (and short-lived motivation and results) of going it on your own, you’re in the right place. Let’s get started…


We meet you where you’re at and get you where you want to go. Period.

Our adult fitness program is a revolutionary training experience that is GUARANTEED to help you reach, and exceed, YOUR health and fitness goals.

Want to run a marathon? Awesome.

Want to crush the toughest mud runs or dominate adventure races? Great!

Need to look AMAZING in that wedding dress, or maybe make your friends jealous about your swimsuit body this summer? Yup, we’ll do that for ya, too.

That said, you know what, we’ve also got members of the “Dungeon Family” that just want to come in and kick some butt for 45 minutes a few times a week, and that’s perfectly okay, too!

So the first question is where are YOU at?

The answer to the question of who we’re for, is YOU, exactly where you’re at now; regardless of your current fitness level (or lack thereof), health, or current exercise routine.

But is this program too hard/intense/advanced/crazy for me? Am I too fat/skinny/young/old/tall/short/strong/weak to start?

It’s MY JOB to get you where you want to go, regardless of where it is you’re starting.

All of our training programs and workouts are scalable (can be made either more or less difficult depending on your fitness and/or strength levels or injury issues) and are individualized to YOU and YOUR goals.

Maybe you’re already in the best shape of your life and you want to take on an amazing new goal, or maybe you’re worried about whether or not you can tie and untie your shoes without feeling like your head is gonna pop off–or maybe play your kids for more than a minute at a time without feeling like you’re gonna pass out–we’ll meet you where you’re at and get you where you want to go using fun, intense, results-driven workouts that will keep you guessing and coming back for more one amazing session at a time.


You’ve probably tried other gyms, other programs, group classes, “boot camps”, or even “big box” personal trainers, but you’ve never experienced this.


Have you ever joined a group fitness class where the instructor or trainer never learned your name (much less exactly what you wanted to accomplish and when you wanted to accomplish it!)?

Ever done a program that you could tell wasn’t “for you”, that was too easy or too hard, or just had nothing to do with you and your goals?

This isn’t one of those situations… In fact, you’ll probably have yourself a nickname by the end of the first week (it’s just a fun thing we do, what can I say?) On a serious note, we make an effort to make everyone in the program feel like family. And although the atmosphere is GREAT (just ask our members), what really sets us apart is how we tailor the training experience to YOU and YOUR goals.

How is it individualized?

Every single person that enters our program goes through an individual consultation process where we’ll discuss exactly what YOU want to get out of the program. We’ll talk about what has worked for you in the past (if anything), and what hasn’t. What frustrates you, what motivates you, and what your favorite color is (only half kidding on the last one).

The bottom line is, regardless of what “big box” gyms would have you believe, YOU are different. YOU are special. And in order for you to reach the goals that are important to YOU, we’ve got to sit down and chat about ’em from time to time.

Once we’ve figured out what you want to accomplish and go through our 1-on-1 assessment and consultation process, it’s a matter of me doing the hard part and making sure you have a program that is going to help reach and exceed every single one of those goals… Period.

Sound a little different (read: better) than what you’re used to? I thought so!


We’ve talked about some of the all-important little things:

+ A built in support system so you never go it alone or fall into the “same old traps” that kept you from getting where you wanted to go in the past

+ Personal attention and coaching specifically tailored to whatever it is YOU want to accomplish, whether that’s losing 100 pounds, running your 12th marathon, or anything and everything in between.

+ More energy: feel more alert, energetic, and alive every single day

+ Less fat: lose stubborn fat with short workouts that are fun, challenging, and individualized for YOUR goals

+ Gain lean, toned muscle mass: and be stronger, leaner, and healthier while having a body that will make all your friends jealous

+ The best training experience and support you’ve ever had, or 100% of your money back. Guaranteed.


If you’re thinking this sounds like something that someone like you might enjoy and benefit from, go ahead and fill out our free trial application form below and we’ll schedule your complimentary consultation and free fitness assessment at your convenience.

There’s no purchase necessary and no way to “buy” your way in without an initial assessment. We’ll provide our full assessment and consultation and will then let you know if we think you’d benefit from, and would be a good fit for “the Dungeon family”.