Your best season ever could be right around the corner, watch the video below to find out why

We’re extremely proud of the Twin Cities sport performance program we’ve built here and are happy to sit down with you and your child for a comprehensive assessment and interview to see if your child is a fit for what we do here. There’s no risk or commitment on your part, just show up ready to train and we’ll take it from there.

You can expect us to be refreshingly in-depth in talking to your athlete about their goals (how can we get ’em to where they want to go if we don’t know what that is?)

You can also expect us to uncover and provide you with at least three surprise aspects of your child’s performance that you can improve on TODAY–yes, even if we never see you again (how cool is that?!)

We’ll patiently and happily answer any questions or concerns you might have on our program, your child’s development, or our plan to help your athlete be the absolute best human being, student, and athlete they can be.

Sounds fair, doesn’t it?

So go ahead and scroll down to see what you expect from us on the training and pricing side–and take note of the absolute BEST (and only) BETTER than your money back guarantee in the business! No hokey gimmicks or so-called “speed” treadmills here, just full-time, dedicated coaches with a gift for connecting with and developing young athletes for success both as athletes, and as more responsible, confident, and hard-working human beings.

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