Superman Sunday… This one’s easy.

Tonight is game six of the NBA finals and we’ll watch a lot of players that… well. Maybe just don’t measure up.

Three and a half minutes or so into the video it says “Michael made the finals his own personal showcase”, and it shows clips of him taking a few of his signature game-winners.

I actually really love what Scottie Pippen has to say at the end as well, and it’s true.

Winning is HARD to do.

It’s EASY to be lazy. It’s EASY to lose. SO easy.

If you never want to win, well, go ahead. Take the EASY way out.

Michael Jordan was often considered the hardest working player in the NBA. He has an unshakable will and determination to succeed.

Check out the video below, and let me know what ya think. You ready to work?

Don’t get left behind…


Want more MJ? Check out this short read on the Champion’s mindset. Maybe a few CURRENT NBA “all-stars” should pick this one up…



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