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How long have you been training at the Dungeon?
I started about 12 weeks ago, but had about 2 weeks ‘off’ for a hospitalization (G.R.‘s note–non-training related, that’s probably important, haha!) that took me out for a bit… 

Why did you start? (What did you set out trying to accomplish and why)? 10,000 days.  I figured – -IF I get healthy, drop my excess weight — I’ve got a good shot at living an additional 10,000 days (about 35 years on the short end).

As the husband of one wife 🙂 — and one 8 year old son — I want to be around for them — and really sensed I would NOT be if I didn’t crush this challenge NOW.

What’s your day job?

I own a ‘niche’ travel agency — MKI Group Travel, specializing in international airfare  – primarily for humanitarian organizations, non-profits, churches, and student groups, as well as adoptive families bringing their kids home from international locales.  .

How did you hear about the Dungeon?

I ran across one of G.R.’s bootcamp specials — and checked em out on the web.  Was enticed by the ‘old school’ approach — and the ‘no nonsense’ approach to work.

And — I saw ‘Shocker’ flipping that tractor tire and giving it a good pounding with the sledge hammer.  THAT looked cool!!!  🙂

What was your first thought when you walked in the door? How about now?

“What the heck am I doing????”  — I was soooo outta shape that it was difficult to even ‘roll out’ my hamstrings – where I had to support my weight while sitting down.

Now?— The highlight of my week is working out.  It’s the one time each day when my only thought — is trying to catch my next breath!  🙂   In a sick sort of way — it’s own stress relief!!! 🙂

What changes have you seen since you joined (mentally, physically, awesomely, etc.)?

I’d dropped about 20 pounds in the 6 months prior to connecting with Dungeon.  Since then, I’ve dropped another 50+ — and even finished the Warrior Dash a few weeks ago.  I’ve still got another 90 to go — but we’ve worked so hard at this point — and seen SO many benefits in life (especially in being able to ‘engage’ with my son!) — something I call ‘Liu moments’ — that there is no turning back now!

What has been the most challenging part of your journey with us so far?

The start is always the most difficult.  And getting in to the mindset of working hard – getting ticked off at my lack of fitness — BUT then … doing something about it.  Working through the pain — to the point where you look forward to it, instead of grabbing a pizza until the feeling to work out goes away…

What is your favorite movement/exercise? 

I’ve enjoyed getting to the point where I can start doing pushups.   Also — for some sick reason – I’ve always enjoyed the ‘fat man pull ups’ — especially now that I can do em.  The 70# mile walk (with a sandbag on my shoulder) — was one of the first ‘milestones’ that I enjoyed completing as well.

Your least favorite?

I never ‘enjoy’ that stupid rowing machine… we have a hate / love relationship going…. always glad to be done.. but I never really look forward to crushing it on that!!  🙂 

What has been the most gratifying moment since you started with us? 

Multiple ‘Liu moments’ — (my sons name is LIU).   Being able to get down on the ground and play with him, or throw him over my shoulder and run around with him squeeling with joy…

Also being able to go for walks with my wife — and not have to literally stop after less than a block….  good times, as we both have been encouraging one another in this venture.  Couldn’t have come this far without her support!

The most humbling? 

See above.  God is good – I feel like I’ve been given a second shot at spending time with my family. 

What’s your favorite healthy meal?

Egg Whites / with spices galore/some turkey sausage, etc.  Also — Chicken Breast salad at Subway with double meat.   We’ve also been grilling a ton of vegies and chicken on the ‘barbie’ this summer.   Yum.

What’s your favorite “cheat” meal?

Probably Pizza — or a malt — Or some fresh toasted sourdough bread with a slab of butter melted on it.  (Although I’ve not had more than a few days in the last few months where I’ve allowed the cheat.  Too far to go still.  🙂 )

Any favorite “clean” foods you’ve found while dining out (or a recipe you’ve worked on at home) that you’d like to share?

Zhuccini — with a tad of olive oil, and salt and pepper – grilled.  GREAT!

How can other people relate to your story or any words for people who might want to try but are intimidated/might not know if this is for them?

I think alot of folks can relate — to getting to that point where working out is more pain than being out of shape.  But once you can plow through that —- it becomes so much easier.  The first few weeks is the worst!!

Anything else you would like to add?

G.R. — props to you.  You have a gift as a trainer — and as a ‘coach’.  It’s been a pleasure to work with you — and even though you tick me off alot — (high expectations) — I thoroughly appreciate your work and tenacity in helping me reach the goals we set forth at the start.   Go go go!!!

Oh, and finally, what’s next? 

Next Warrior dash — September 7th.  /  90 more pounds off the frame /  — and I’d like to run another marathon by the end of my 50th (which would be next year).  For the next Warrior dash — I’d like to do more than just finish, so we are working on that!!!  Woo Hoo!

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