Strength Coach in Little Canada, MN?

Are you a serious athlete in Little Canada, MN? Congratulations, you finally have a place to train.

That’s right… TRAIN.

You want to “work out”?


If you’re working with somebody who tries to have you do anything like this, SPRINT the other way… at least the sprinting will be useful.

Don’t waste your time “working out”… Did Rocky work out? Heck no! The dude TRAINED. And he trained HARD.

But this isn’t about Rocky, it isn’t the movies, it isn’t about anything but YOU and YOUR progress as an athlete.

If you want to waste your time in so called “speed schools”, or, just as bad, at a shiny and frilly Lifetime, LA, Anytime or Planet fitness, you might as well just leave this website now, because you must not be serious about your results.

DSC┬ánear Little Canada, MN isn’t your typical gym.

And when you train with us, you don’t get TYPICAL results.