More Results Less Time Video Series: The "King"

“The legs are always the first to go!”

Let’s talk a little hypothetically for a moment.

Let’s say you “know” somebody that “knows somebody” that doesn’t just pop right out of the chair when they get up to walk around.

You know what I’m talking about–when instead of standing up off the office chair or out of the couch with ease there’s the forward lean, putting one (or both hands) on your legs or table for support, and then slowly, creakily, and ever-so-tenderly working up to a standing position?

Thought so!

Maybe you’re not at that at point yet, and maybe you are (it’s happening to more and more people at younger and younger ages).

Either way, it never HAS to be that way.

The exercise I’ll show you today will make your life better, easier, and more enjoyable, both now and in the future. Seriously.

Unapologetically dedicated to your MASSIVE success,
G.R. @ the Dungeon

PS: Don’t believe me? Just check out the Success Stories of our “beyond thrilled” clients!

PSS: Be sure watch the entire video–take notes if you need and pay attention to all the coaching cues–you’d be surprised how many so-called “experts” teach this movement completely wrong (don’t make the same mistakes)!