Our Mission and Values

Though these are┬átypically reserved for more of the “business-y side” of things, we’re pretty proud of our mission and values. We feel like sharing them publicly helps to give you both an idea of what sets us apart as a program AND something that you can hold us accountable to if you feel like we’re not living up to what we’ve got here on this page.

Our Mission

“At DSC, our goal is to drastically change the trajectory of as many lives as possible through the best training, education, and inspiration on the planet, and to have an absolute blast doing it.”

Our Core Values

This is what we ask all the members of team DSC to live by every day, they drive every action and decision we make within our business, and are a large part of what we feel makes us the best dang choice you can make in helping you or your young athlete reach and exceed your/their goals.

“Be the best part of our members’ day, every day”
This is the overarching goal we have as a team every single day. We want our people to LOVE being here, to work their tails off, get an amazing workout, and to have a friggin’ blast while they’re here. This is the driving factor behind the rest of our core values (listed below)

1. Be a pro 24/7/365
2. Be on the bus
3. Have integrity, be honest, be transparent
4. Have only good days and great days
5. Constantly improve
6. Have fun and have a sense of humor
7. Exceed expectations
8. Passion leads
9. Treat EVERY client like they’re YOUR brother, YOUR mother, YOUR child
10. Live the growth mindset