Meet Our Personal Training Team

Meet The Personal Training Team at DSC

Before you meet our personal training team, it’s probably good to know a little bit about where we came from… Our facility has grown from the ground up, one client at a time, from the humble beginnings of a combination of G.R.’s parent’s garage and the back of his truck back in Texas… Then, after a move to Minnesota to chase his wife (Elizabeth, the brains of the operation getting her PHD at the U) to an admittedly grungy basement corner of a “regular” gym where the origins of what DSC is now really began. We soon outgrew that location and opened up our now super-awesome facility in May of 2013 and did by treating people right (like family… ahem… like the family you actually LIKE 🙂 ) and by getting people the best results of their lives while having the best TIME of their lives (or at least the best time of their lives working out).

Because we’ve grown through hard-work and treating people right–and because we don’t have to answer to a zillion shareholders or investors–we’ve created a situation where we get to be EXCEPTIONALLY selective when it comes to bringing people on to team DSC.

The #1 criteria for becoming a part of our team is to have an incomprehensible (and, in truth, almost unjustifiable) care for the success of the people we work with on a daily basis.

You’ll frequently hear from the people you’ll meet in the gym about how our coaches are almost MORE excited than our members when they hit a milestone or do something they couldn’t do before–and it’s true!

We’re here, #1, because we care about YOU or YOUR child having the absolute highest levels of success you can achieve… NOT because “we like doing bicep curls and wanted a career where we can do our bicep curls all day.”

We’re here because we care, and it’s probably the first thing you’ll notice when we meet for the first time.

About G.R., owner & head performance coach at the Dungeon…

There are a lot of things we could list here regarding education, certifications, the #1 Amazon best-seller he co-authored, or his athletic career, but the video below says a lot more about the man behind the Dungeon than anything written here ever could.

Airion Britt, Head Fitness & Performance Coach and “CAO” (Chief Awesomeness Officer)


Airion Britt Twin Cities Trainer Sultan of Strength

A mixture of Yoda-like knowledge-of-the-game and Hulk-like enthusiasm, Airion keeps the energy levels SKY-HIGH 24/7 at DSC.

A former standout defensive end in Georgia, Airion played college football at the University of the Cumberlands while getting his degree in Exercise & Sport Science. After finishing his playing career, he signed on as an assistant coach for the U of C Patriots before moving back to the great white north of Minnesota with 3 conference championships and a 2nd place national finish to his name.

Airion found DSC online and EXCELLED through our gauntlet of an interview and apprenticeship process before becoming a full-fledged member of Team DSC. Airion found out that he has a through-the-friggin’-roof enthusiasm for helping athletes and adults alike do things they flat out didn’t think were a possibility for them when they first walked through our doors.

He also loves puppies. Even cute little lab puppies that (every once in awhile) decide to misbehave.

Nic Riederer, Head Fitness Coach and Director of DSC Swag

Nic Riederer twin cities trainer dsc she beast like a boss

A former starter on her MEN’S varsity football team, Nic is no pushover 🙂

After starting her relationship with DSC as a client, we quickly noticed her helping people new to the gym and being a “coach on the field” long before officially bringing her on to start the process of becoming a part of our coaching team.

She jumped at the opportunity to coach with us and absorbed everything we threw at her during our intensive in-house coaches training program, and we were incredibly pumped when she agreed to become a full-time member of our coaching team in spring of 2015!

Nic is 6 feet of positivity, awesomeness, and never-stops energy that made her a top instructor at the Woodbury location of a national boxing chain and an AMAZING fit for our one-of-a-kind culture of positivity and you-can-do-it-ness. In a nutshell, she makes our family of clients and our coaching team better, and has an absolute blast doing it!


Want to join our friggin’ amazing [hard-to-call-this-work] environment? Check out our available personal training & support positions here