Career Opportunities

Fitness/Sport Performance Coach, Excellent & Awesome Attitude, People-Person Driven Career Path in Fun, Rewarding Facility


Alright Twin Cities, we’re looking for another dynamic, driven, detail-oriented individual to “get on the bus” with a growing fitness & sport performance company that is changing the way the fitness game is played in the Twin Cities.

TRUTH: Awesome companies have awesome people.

If you’re just looking for a quick buck as you take some time to look for your dream job elsewhere, this isn’t the position for you, BUT if you’re competitive, looking for an opportunity to grow and develop personally and professionally, and want to make an impact on (awesome) people’s lives every single day, this just may be the shot you’ve been looking for.


Candidates that make it through our initial process (email/cover letter/resume, phone interview, in person interview, “coach the coach”, shadow session, etc.) will enter into a 90-day (paid) internship/apprenticeship.

Frankly, it’s not the easiest process to get through. We aren’t looking for your run-of-the-mill “big box gym” clipboard holder “they” call a personal trainer, cool?

Yes, it’s going to take some work on your part.

If you’re interested in DRASTICALLY changing the trajectory of the lives of young athletes and adults alike…

If you’re a person of the utmost honesty and integrity, and believe in your ability to overcome obstacles through hard work, drive, and “get-after-it”ness…

If you’re up to strive to be the best part of your client’s day, every day…

If you believe in treating people right. Like family. And giving everything you’ve got to help them reach their goals…

If you’re willing and READY to learn, grow, build or develop any skill set necessary to become the absolute BEST at what you do…

Then YOU may be the perfect person to be next member of Team DSC.

YOUR DEVELOPMENT (what we’ll teach you, and eventually grade you, on)

*****You do NOT have to be a certified trainer/coach OR have training experience to apply for this position. Our coaching development program will take you into the top 1% of coaching candidates ANYWHERE once you finish our curriculum as a part of your internship/apprenticeship.*****

In fact, here’s what previous alumni have said about our apprenticeship/mentoring program:

“I learned more in 60 days here than I did in four years of my exercise science degree” -AB

“This program was mind-blowing! By far the best decision of my career in the fitness industry. I got a coaching job closer to home less than 2 weeks after ‘graduating’ the DSC Mentorship Program and was able to excel right away” -JB

“The training education I received felt like getting 3 PHD’s in athletic performance and fat loss, but learning how to use that knowledge to literally transform lives, and to see that transformation taking place before your eyes, was what really made it special for me. Highly recommend” -MH

Here’s the deal, it’s designed to fully develop you to become one of the best coaches/leaders in any organization.

How will we do that?

You will initially be mentored and critiqued based upon 6 criteria:

Your ability to effectively articulate and instruct the mechanics of each movement/exercise… and do it without coming off like a jerk.

You ability to identify all faults in movement, big or small.
Your skill set to distinguish good movements from bad movements.

Your ability to communicate understandable visual, verbal and tactile cues to correct movements… without sounding like a jerk.
Your skill set to determine if your cues are working, and if not, what is a better way to communicate?
Your determination to be relentlessly helpful about moving our clients toward perfect form/technique, and helping them feel awesome about doing so.

Presence and Attitude
Your ability to speak loudly and clearly at all times above the background noise of music, the dropping of weights, the moans of agony from members (only kidding) … all within a very driven, high energy environment.
Your skill set to command and control a crowd, showing your confidence without being jerk, all the while being respectful and making every member of “the family” feel welcome.
Your energy should be contagious, encouraging and fun-as-heck.
Your motivating drive pushes clients to new heights and achievements, all while celebrating their “wins” along the way.
You exhibit awareness of, and you respond to the diversified experience levels of athletes.
You engage athletes by using their first name (or nicknames), eye contact and the proper conversation appropriate in the moment.
Your natural enthusiasm and excitement invests itself in the success of the DSC Family.
You LIVE the CODE, practice what you preach, workout 3 to 5 times a week, and set the example for the DSC Family.

Managing Groups
Your ability to organize all of the elements of running a class.
Your skill set to foster and maintain the classes unity and interests.
You manage your time well by prioritizing contents of class:
You give proper time for class warm up …
Explain and demonstrates movements of the daily workout …
Allots time for the workout itself …
Allows for equipment set up time, and …
Ensures time for ending the session and starting the next one on time.

Your ability to demonstrate proper form, function and execution of exercises.
Your skill set to teach proper exercise progressions, using full movements at performance speed.
You keep consistency of verbal cues and visual demonstrations (speak our language).
You exhibit awareness of your own movement, being knowledgeable of your limitations and faults.
Your ability to teach the movement, see the movement and correct the movement.

From there, your responsibilities will grow to include:

Opening and/or closing the facility
Coach/co-coach and manage classes of up to 15
Coach athlete and adult classes
Responsible for the cleanliness/general upkeep of the facility
Connecting with members in our private members-only groups.
Performing assessments and orientations.
And much, much more!


These are the skills you must already have in order to qualify for this position:

Good Communication Skills: You will be coaching classes of up to 15, both male and female of all ages. These clients are the very reason we exist and they are EXTREMELY important to me. You must be comfortable in a group coaching environment, and know how to conduct yourself professionally and deliver clear instructions to the clients. You’ll be taught everything you’ll need to know about running a group class, but I cannot teach you manners, professionalism, or straight up being a fun human to be around.

People Skills And Personality: You must LOVE working with people! You must be comfortable in a very busy group environment. This is an exciting facility and you must be able to show your leadership skills with energy and excitement.

Bonus Skills

If you have these additional skills, your resume will go right to the top of the stack (but if you don’t have these skills, you should still apply because you will grow into these).

Athletics Experience: Did you play a college sport?

Coaching Experience: Are you or have you ever coached a sport or trained formally before?

Group Training Experience or certifications

Nutrition knowledge/Certifications

Exercise Science / Kinesiology / Athletic Trainer Degree

CPR Certified


Whether or not you are accepted into this apprenticeship and eventually reach position on the “DSC Bus” will depend, in addition the metrics mentioned above, on your ability to live by our Core Values (a few of which are listed below). Show you can demonstrate these, and you’ll be on the fast track to success in our organization.

“Be the best part of our members’ day, every day”

1) Be a pro (24/7/365)
2) Be on the bus
3) Have integrity, be honest, be transparent
4) Have only good days and great days
5) Constantly improve
6) Have fun and have a sense of humor
7) Exceed Expectations
8) Passion Leads
9) Treat every client like they’re YOUR brother, YOUR mother, YOUR child
10) Live the Growth Mindset

How To Apply

I’m looking to find the right person(s) relatively quickly. So if this career path sounds good to you, then follow these instructions to the letter:

1) Reply to this ad via email (email to bestjobever [at] with the following:

-1: Page Resume attached in pdf format
-2: Introduce yourself via in the body of your email as a pseudo cover-letter (answer each of the following questions and add any info you think would be necessary)–who are you, what you do for fun, why do you think you’d be a fit for this position, what’s your favorite color, what’s your favorite workout, what, if anything, are you doing for work right now, and what is your availability (days/hours)?
-Please provide links to Linkedin/other public social media profiles below your name
-If you make it through this and seem like a fit, we’ll be in touch ASAP.

Unapologetically dedicated to your MASSIVE success,
Team DSC