Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is your facility?

A: We train out of the Press Gym in Shoreview (173 West County Rd E, Shoreview, MN 55126), just off of I-694 (north Rice Street exit) in the complex with the Subway; we’re the unit on the far “left” of the complex.

Q: What ages do you work with?

A: We currently train athletes from ages 8 and up in various age, ability level, and sport specific programs. Every athlete must go through an evaluation/”tryout” session and our one-of-a-kind, 63-point “Athlete Audit” before being accepted into the program.

Q: Do I have to be in great shape to be accepted into the program?

A: Absolutely not — it is our job to turn you into the best athlete you can possibly be. All I expect from you in your trial workout/interview and 63-point Athlete Audit is a burning desire to succeed and the willingness to work for that success. Again, it’s my job to put you on my back and carry you to the finish line, all I need to see is that you’re willing to work along the way.

Q: What hours are you available to train?

A: We train athletes primarily in small groups (4-8 athletes at a time) with groups starting at in the early afternoon after school all the way to 8PM. We work to keep hours flexible and work with athletes with extremely busy schedules to give all athletes the chance to train like (and ultimately become) champions with us.

Q: Do you offer one-on-one training for athletes?

A: I’ve done training both ways in the past — one-on-one as well as small group — and there is simply no comparison. First and foremost, something special happens when you put competitive, like-minded, highly-driven and motivated athletes together. Every athlete pushes themselves and their training partners to a level that just can’t be replicated by one-on-one training. Long story short, the results are better. Secondly, it’s a great value to the parents paying for the training. We’re able to charge less than we would for one-on-one sessions AND deliver better results at the same time. Our athletes get more for less.

That said, we do offer one-on-one training at a premium, but we typically reserve this only for athletes that are preparing for professional sport combines or other highly specific challenges.

Q: But how many athletes are in each group? (Coach/athlete ratio)

A: Groups can be anywhere from 2-8 athletes at a time, with an average of 4-6 athletes. Groups are small enough so that every athlete gets the individual attention they need and deserve while still being able to work in that highly competitive, motivating environment.

Q: Do you work with [sport] athletes (does your training work for [sport] players)?

A: Every athlete that walks through the door will be assessed not only for their general athleticism (strength, speed, explosiveness, flexibility, agility) but also for their ability to excel in their particular sport. A football player has different needs than a volleyball player, and their training will reflect that.

Every athlete will initially be evaluated with our 63-point Athlete Audit where athletes will be assessed according their specific sport and goals, and are given an action plan to reach and exceed those goals according to their specific strengths and weaknesses (yes, we give all athletes this whether they end up training with us or not–we’re in this for the kids).

Q: What does it cost to train with you?

A:  The price varies depending on training sessions per week, the program you enroll in, and the amount of time you commit towards your success. Membership ranges from as low as $147 month (1 x week in groups) to $397 a month (3 x week one-on-one). 

Q: What kind of training do you do? What makes what you do different? Why should I choose you?
A: “We do training that WORKS. I tried everything under the sun for over 10 years in my career as an athlete, and the sad thing is, most of it is worthless. We focus on no-gimmick, no BS, HARD WORK and 100% of our athletes get results… Period.

Too many people get fooled by fancy buzzwords or shiny new “toys” and get convinced they’ve found the holy grail of athletic performance, only to leave their athlete in the same spot they were when they started training – except now all of the sudden their confidence is shot because parachute running/super shoes/goofy treadmills/etc. didn’t work for them and they think it is THEIR fault and that they are a failure as an athlete. It’s not.

There’s a reason no one else offers a money-back guarantee (and certainly not a 12-months “best-money-you’ve-ever-spent-or-your-money-back” guarantee like we do)… because they sell memberships based on gimmicks… not results.

Q: Wait, you have a money-back guarantee?

A: Absolutely! We consider ourself the “anti-gym” — we personally care about your results and your experience training with us and, frankly, are upping the ante on the industry by offering a “you-won’t-see-it-anywhere-else” guarantee: a 12 month, 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t think your investment at the Dungeon was the best decision you’ve ever made, you get every penny of your back, and you have a full year to make that decision.

Q: Sounds awesome! So where do I sign up???

A: Your first step is to schedule your free trial, a full one-hour session where we will complete your 63-point Athlete Audit and get you started on the path to successes you only dreamed you could have.

To schedule your trial and Athlete Audit, email (Just put: “Athlete Audit” in the subject line) or call 612-807-1101 (it’s a 24-hour voicemail, just mention athlete audit in your message and we can move forward from there).

Q: Okay, I’ve scheduled my 63 point Athlete Audit–what should I bring on the day of my trial?

A: Come dressed to train or with training clothes to change into (we have facilities on site), and bring your own water bottle if you’d like (we have water fountains in house as well, so this is your call).

If you’re under 18 or won’t be the one purchasing your membership, you must bring along a parent/guardian for your first session for basic paperwork (i.e. the boring stuff).

We’ll do a short interview about your goals and dreams then get to work and complete your audit.

But, bar none, the biggest thing is to simply bring your best attitude and best effort. You ARE being evaluated in this trial–you don’t “automatically” get accepted into the program–so show that you’re ready and willing to work.


G.R. Hoff is the owner and head sports performance coach at Dungeon Strength & Conditioning in Minneapolis, MN. G.R. specializes in “getting ordinary athletes FREAKISH results”, helping young athletes in a variety of sports through unconventional, “no-gimmick” training methods that truly give his athletes an unfair advantage over their competition. G.R. graduated from Trinity University, where he played football and was an All-Conference sprinter and thrower. He was also an All-State quarterback in his home state of Texas, where football is a religion and the best football in America is played. For more information, please go to or call 612-807-1101.