Watch the video below in its entirety to how your young athlete can be faster, stronger, and safer this season… even if they’ve never been considered “athletic” before…

Tired of not feeling 100% certain you (or your young athlete) is getting exactly what they need, as individuals, to reach and exceed their personal goals?

Maybe you’re sick of doing the “same old” programs at your high school where everybody does the same workout and the only individual attention you’d get is, well, truth be told, you probably aren’t getting any individual attention there, are you?

Then there are the dime-a-dozen “speed camps” and treadmill training centers that run large groups of athletes through the same workout, regardless of sport, age, stage in the competitive calendar, individual maturity level, the safety and effectiveness (or lack there-of) of their training tools, or any number of factors… You know–where the idea of a “good workout” is one that makes the athlete “tired”, where puking, rather than drastically improved performance is the goal.

“Anybody can make an athlete tired or feel ‘hardcore’ after a workout–it takes a highly knowledgeable PROFESSIONAL to drastically, and safely, improve an athlete’s speed, strength, explosiveness, and sport performance in the most effective and efficient way possible.”

Let’s be honest here, if you’re serious about helping your child achieve the success they deserve, as efficiently as possible, with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your young athlete is getting exactly what they need to be the best student-athlete and high-character human being they can be, none of the options above are going to cut it.

Training alone and hoping your kiddo is doing the right program won’t cut it. Training with a friend who’s genetically gifted and got a program from a book won’t cut it. Training in a setting where technique, safety, or individual intricacies and YOUR child’s specific needs aren’t addressed won’t cut it.

You need the best. Personal, individualized attention.

A program specific to exactly what your child needs at this point in their lives, taking into account every variable you can imagine–from the time of year in the competitive calendar to the external stressors in their lives that day, giving them the absolute most effective, efficient (and safe) path toward reaching their goals. Period.

Your child is unique–and he or she has unique needs, unique goals, and will need a unique path to reach her or his top potential… not the same program that literally every other child in the gym is doing…

You deserve a program led by full-time, highly educated, professional coaches that care for the athletes on a personal level, that help give another voice of reason, leadership, and character to kiddos in a world where no one seems to have their head on straight.

You deserve a cooperatively competitive, supportive environment where your young athlete will work alongside other driven, determined, working-to-be-the-cream-of-the-crop athletes, each of which shares a common goal of getting better, whether they’re a multiple-time state champ or trying to get off the bench for the first time…

That’s right, we screen our athletes on attitude and “want-to,” NOT ability. it’s my job to turn your child into the best athlete they can be from wherever it is their personal starting point lies, but we do NOT tolerate “bad apples” in our program.

This protects the training environment and experience for not only our current athletes, but also for athletes like your son or daughter, if they are accepted into the “family” as well. This is an absolutely HUGE success multiplier that amplifies results while, hey, let’s be honest here, also allows us to offer this program at a more affordable rate than dozens of lower quality training options.

All that said, if price is your primary concern, this is probably not the program for you. We believe we provide the absolute best value in the state for dedicated young athletes–with the best dang money back guarantee I’ve ever seen.

Parents that have their children involved as a part of the Dungeon Family consider us to be one of the best decisions (and investments) they have made for their young athletes. We simply give your child the absolute best: from speed and strength training in the gym to nutrition and mindset coaching–we truly believe we “undersell” our expertise and experience with our pricing, and, according to a few of our more ‘frank’ parents–we’ve got plenty of them that would happily pay twice the price for what we’ve done for their sons and daughters.

So, before you go ahead and fill out our free consultation and interview form below, we want to make sure you have our current pricing options for membership in our Athlete Elite program. athlete elite pricing web graphic.001

If you’re the slightest bit intrigued about what this program might be able to do for your son or daughter, here’s your next step: Go ahead and fill out the form below and one of our expert coaches will contact you within 48 hours (usually the same day) to put you and your child on the schedule.

We’ll go through an interview and brief athletic assessment, patiently and happily answer any and all questions you may have, and, if your child seems like a fit, make an invitation to the program based on what we uncover during our diagnostic assessment.

Just to clarify, you’re not making any financial commitment in doing so–in fact, as we’ve said before, you CANNOT just “buy your way” into the program, even if you wanted to! I look forward to helping your young athlete become the absolute best athlete, and high-character human being, they can be!

Unapologetically dedicated to your young athlete’s MASSIVE success, G.R. Hoff Owner & Founder Dungeon Strength & Conditioning

Please fill out the form below in as much detail as possible and we will contact you within 48 hours to schedule your FREE trial. If you are under 18 please have a parent complete the form.

No purchase necessary (or allowed) before your assessment. You ARE NOT committing to become a part of the Dungeon family by attending or scheduling a trial and interviews/audits are performed completely free of charge.

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