About us

THE DSC MISSION: At DSC, our goal is to drastically change the trajectory of as many lives as possible through the best training, education, and inspiration on the planet, and to have an ABSOLUTE BLAST doing it

We live and breathe this mission every single day–whether it’s helping our young athletes have their best seasons or helping a busy adult finally lose fat for good, we can help!

We help you get from where you are to wherever it is you want to be in a fun, friendly, and super-motivating environment. In fact, once you let us know what your goals are, we believe it’s our responsibility as coaches to help get you there. We’ll grab ya by the hand, put you on our backs, and carry you–kicking and screaming–to whatever your personal finish line may be if that’s what it takes 🙂

To give you a little more information about the gym and who are, it’s probably easier to let you know what we’re NOT…

Here’s what we’re not…
– a typical gym… this can mean a lot of things–and can be a category in and of itself, but, in short, this means:
A) We’re not a place where you’re left to try and figure out things for yourself, whether it’s deciding what to do (or what’s actually gonna work for YOU and YOUR goals) or how to an exercise and not break yourself, every session you’re in with US is a privately coached session, where you’re guided by a coach every step of your workout. No guesswork here.
B) We’re NOT a place where the workout rookie is made to feel lost or uncomfortable, nor treated like an outcast.
C) We’re NOT a place where you show up, train, and get forgotten about for the rest of your week. All of our memberships include support outside the gym (where you spend literally over 99% of your time) to keep you motivated and on track.
D) We’re not a place where you’re just a number or where nobody knows your name… in fact, you’ll probably have a nickname and will make some great friends in here if that’s something you’d like.
E) We’re not a “slimeball salesy” club: because we’re such a small facility and we take each of our member’s success so seriously, we’re actually able to put a CAP on membership! This means that if you’re not a perfect fit for what we do here, we’ll let you know. If it seems like a great fit and we both like the idea of working together further–awesome! We’ll let you know what your options are, but no pushy, slime-bally, sleazy sales tactics here. We have no investors or shareholders to answer to and have grown (while numerous other gyms have closed) because we treat people awesome, get people amazing results, and treat people like family. I know–what a relief, right?

– we’re not a CrossFit gym (no offense): everything we do is designed specifically for YOU and YOUR goals, based on where you’re at specifically at this point in your life and your personal health & fitness journey. You won’t leave everyday feeling like your body is destroyed, you won’t be asked to do movements or exercises you’re not ready for or that aren’t safe for you and your particular situation, and you won’t be instructed by coaches with only one weekend certification to point to as their source of education (to be fair, this is a problem in any and all types of gyms).

– we’re NOT here for “youtube”: We ARE here for you! This is primarily something that drives us crazy with the youth athlete population but it goes for everyone we train–maxing out every day, running till you puke, or attempting to induce “rhabdo” (a deadly condition that can happen when inappropriate training practices are used) can all look cool and “hardcore” on youtube, but these things are simply NOT what’s best for developing ELITE athletic performance (or reaching whatever your personal goal may be) in the fastest, safest, most efficient way possible. Long story short, we’re going to do what’s best for YOU, every day, regardless of whether or not doing something else would get us more “likes and shares”.

– we’re not your average gym: but you’ve probably already figured that by now 🙂

About G.R., owner & head performance coach at the Dungeon…

There are a lot of things we could list here regarding education, certifications, the #1 Amazon best-seller he co-authored, or his athletic career, but the video below says a lot more about the man behind the Dungeon than anything written here ever could.

Think this could be the place for you? Have more questions about the gym? Or that you’d like someone like THIS in you or your child’s corner?

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